TWIST #13: Does it live up to $500 in value?

by Minority Fortune

Our Two Cent Review

We sat down and watched This Week in Startups aka TWIST episode 13, hosted by Jason Calacanis. When we learned that there was a chance to win $500 in the form of an iPhone giftcard for about 2 hours of your time, we figured why not.

Jason is highly entertaining and is an excellent choice for hosting a tech start-up show. Furthermore, he has solid experience in the industry and carried a lot of insight. With that said, there are some highlights of the show and some lowlights if you will.

As congested as the social media world is right now, it’s hard to focus full attention to a show of any kind for 2+ hours. There’s a reason most shows run in thirty minute to one-hour timeslots. However, it’s tolerable due to Jason’s natural spunkiness. We’d love to see more rigidness in the show format. It could be chopped down to an hour if all the side-tracking isn’t allowed. There’s about six categories to the show, but we think a few could go easily to cut on time.

The first part of the show was untargeted. After about ten minutes of convo, the show began with an “Ask Jason” segment. The questions were good, and Jason’s answers were highly beneficial. As a matter of fact, we’d say a consultant would charge a couple hundred dollars for the information Jason gave out. It’s a valuable segment that we believe is a keeper. Rambling at the beginning? No. We believe a news segment at the beginning (a la David Letterman night show style) would be better. Segment value? $50

The next segment and personal highlight of the show was the shark tank and interview. Jason doled out some great information to entrepreneurs pitching their ideas, and we loved the advice on proper pitching. The interview with Matt Mickiewicz was eerily short, especially since his name is co-branded along the episode name. He may have had a 10 minute spotlight of a 2.5 hour show. Not long enough in our opinion since the man had successfully executed some amazing concepts. I’d suggest more interview time. Less Jason side-tracking time. Still this was the “meatiest” part of the show. Segments value? $100

Don’t Tumble

From there, the show tumbles faster than MySpace relevancy. The gentleman giving the news has the personality to do the news, but I recall a lot of back and forth conversation, which led to off-track dating and pet tips. Deadpool? Nope. Dating tips? Nope. We suggest the news given straight with no chasers in five minutes as an appetizer or warm-up to the show with the same gentleman. However, it’s a worthy segment. Segment value? $50

Jason seemed very pleased that the show didn’t reach a three-hour mark, but we’re sure the audience on the contrary was asking where their two hours went. The show discusses tech start-ups, and we’re sure the majority of the audience is involved in this industry. Therefore, we’re not sure there are many individuals who can do 2.5 hours away from their start-up. We aren’t involved in the industry, but we were blogging and tweeting at times. So, we suggest trimming down the show a good 50-55%. You say that people like their technology clean and simple (the Flip Camera features you cited as an example). We’d say the same goes for shows. Jason as a host is great, and we feel he should be branded more into the name. Honestly, it does feel like the Jason Calacanis Show, but it works. Decent episode.

Overall value: $250

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