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The Euro Signals a Loss of Faith in Paper Currency

by Minority Fortune

The situation with Greece has gone far beyond just the economic consequences for Greece, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain. It now has spun further to bind all of Europe and the world with it. The markets are experiencing a huge drop, and the worst has not yet passed. As each day passes, the world comes to realize just how unstable the Euro is and what it symbolizes for our own fates.

Greece’s bailout proves not to be much of a bailout at all. France and Germany were in disputes last week over the composition of the compensation package. At its height, French president Nicolas Sarkozy even threatened to withdraw his country from the Euro. It goes to show that the two leading rescue countries aren’t as financially sound as one would think. The truth is that this debt will add burdens and further strains to their own growing debts.

To make matters worse, the markets are all over the place. Globe and Mail reports that markets have dropped as much as “6.6 per cent on major European indexes, and slumping prices for commodities such as oil”. For the moment, the USD and precious metals seem to be the place of refuge for investors. However, we know very well that the dollar has its day of doom as well, with its rising debt and constant federal printing. Something is definitely amiss.

Is currency the problem?

Currency seems to be failing the world because it is used as a tool for manipulation. This one piece of paper is used to play games of politics, speculation, and power. However, the fact of the matter is that it wields none of the basic human needs. On any given day, its value can plummet or soar at the mercy of news, events, and politics. The plight of the Euro is symbolic to currency around the world.

Currency itself did not get us into this financial mess. Currency itself is not the problem. However, the system that manages it and uses it to wield their own propaganda is the problem. The officials that shape the system are the problem. However, to free oneself of this system, a diversification of income is needed. Investors are placing their money in precious metals, most notably gold and silver. Protests are occurring around the world against corrupt governments. These actions are necessary if we are to tackle the true causes of this mess.

Don’t buy into the hype. Protect your assets.

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