Sex Tapes, Prison Time, and Beef: Using Controversy for Profit

by Minority Fortune

soldtagThree Things No One Should Dare Use

There are a few recent trends that incite attention due to its racy subject matter. We’ve witnessed a few of these pathetic behaviors and thought it might do some good to address their repercussions. It seems that some people only see dollar signs when conjuring up ways to generate cash. However, people should be careful what they wish for.

A poor reputation can never be undone. Thus, one should think twice before doing stupid things. These attention tactics are often seen in the entertainment world, and it is sad each and every time. It’s like watching a car speed down a road with a dead end. It just won’t end well.

Despite the negative repercussions, entertainers and greedy individuals opt to do it anyway. The three tactics that seem to be growing in popularity are the ones we listed in the subject line: sex tapes, prison time, and beef. Someone needs to tell these poor souls that these behaviors never have and never will be assets. If anything, they make your reputation and self-respect drop faster than a failing aircraft engine.

Examples of Desperation:

Ray J and Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape: RayJandKimKWe’re not sure how many millions they got for their tape, and we don’t care. These two barely had a presence in the entertainment industry until their tape “fell” into the right hands. From there, they’ve landed reality shows, press time, and clearly more profit. However, we’re positive this won’t take them far for the long-term. It certainly has tarnished their reputation beyond repair.
Lil Wayne’s jail time: Lil Wayne climbed to the height of relevance over the past year due to his recent hip hop album release and partnership with R&B artist T-Pain. The man grossed over $18 million this past year, according to Forbes Hip-Hop list. He was recently arrested because a weapon was found on him, something a millionaire should have no need for. He even confirmed his wrongdoing by pleading guilty. It’s called security, Lil Wayne. I suppose you were more occupied with how cool you’d look carrying weapons around. Hope you enjoy your time sitting around in prison looking cool while earning a lot less money.
Starting beefs with others: 50 Cent is a prime example of this behavior. He enjoys attacking other rappers, inciting 50-centcontroversy for sales. He recently bought himself into the controversy between Jay Z and Beanie Sigel. It was just reported on November 5 that 50 Cent was able to successfully sign Beanie Sigel to his label. It’s clear what his intentions are. He plans to exploit the existing beef between Jay and Beanie to his advantage and rake in profit from it all.

If you look to these tactics in hopes of profit, you need to think again. If you cannot think of ways to provide value to the world, you need to go back to the drawing board. Not only do these things provide bad models to your fans, they lower your value as a person. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a quick profit. Greed causes people to resort to these lowly behaviors. Please avoid them at all costs. At the end of the day, a good reputation, class, and morals will get you further along in life and keep your conscience clean.

*Images courtesy of Brand X Pictures, Mzeus and K Jams 105.5 at Kjmm.
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