Lessons from Ruth Madoff: Living off $2.5 Million

by Minority Fortune


When you commit white-collar crimes, there’s less penalty. It’s a sad bias, but it’s the truth. Ruth Madoff will get a settlement from the Justice Dept. of $2.5 million dollars whilst the other hundreds of millions of assets are taken away. Many of us would love to relieve her of her plight of living off $2.5 million.

Wall Street Journal claims that she will have a hard time investing her money to gain a sexy profit margin. They estimate that she’ll only rake in an estimated 3.5% or $125,000 a year, which is probably what she used to spend in a month. Eh.
However shocking her “punishment” may be, it’s much more than the wives of average prisoner’s get, which is the premium zero package. So, she can suck it up and deal just like everyone else is doing and put her life back together.

Minority Fortune will offer a few words of advice:

•    If America’s too expensive for your newfound budget, consider moving to a country where the exchange rate would keep you living nicely, i.e. India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Philippines, Honduras, etc.
•    Work the streets again. Divorce Madoff, change your name, and get married again. Turn your sexy up and mingle your way through the crowds at charities and fundraisers. What can Madoff do? He’s in jail!
•    Change your name and open up a(n) investment design firm.
•    Oh, and keep this up too, as it’s eco-friendly:


*Images courtesy of Newsday & Wall Street Pit
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