Jay Z VS Beanie Sigel and Streets VS Business

by Minority Fortune

beanie-sigel-and-jay-zBeanie Sigel’s Issue

Recently, rap artist Beanie Sigel spoke out against his former friend/ label mate Jay Z. He complained about the fact that Jay Z had cut off all communicative ties with him. He accused Jay Z of calling the cops on him and abandoning him whilst he was locked up. He did admit that he doesn’t feel financially cheated by Jay and that he isn’t owed a cent. He simply is wondering where there friendship has gone.

We cover this story because it represents a common issue: business. At one point, Beanie Sigel almost crossed over to mainstream rap. His album went gold and wasn’t far from platinum status. He had a clothing line and a record label. Yet, he didn’t go any further. Why? He never left the streets. He was arrested and placed in prison twice. Instead of working on business, he stayed into trouble. Meanwhile, Jay is expanding into new business arenas and living well. Apparently, Beanie feels jilted about the whole situation.

Part of their disagreements are personal, and we’re not interested in those aspects. We’re more interested in what Beanie Sigel addressed that “Jay’s in a different place”. Yes, Beanie, Jay Z is in a different place at the moment. He’s a brand. He’s a business now. When he got into the business, he left the streets behind. Some of his old buddies just couldn’t adapt. Beanie feels that Jay Z didn’t stand behind him.

The Street Code

Beanie believes that Jay Z didn’t honor the street code. The street code is all about loyalty. You’re supposed to stand behind your friends no matter what. It’s a family. You see it all the time in hip-hop culture. One artist gets famous, they bring all their friends to the label. If one of their guys goes to jail, you’re supposed to stand behind them. You’re supposed to pay their lawyer fees. You’re supposed to continue paying their bills. You’re supposed to come see them in prison. The expectation is that you’re family for life no matter what.

Jay Z responded to Beanie’s allegations with this:

Our Take

Here’s our point of view: Beanie, you said it yourself. Jay Z is in a different place right now. He’s on his business hustle and has left the streets entirely. On the other hand, Beanie is stuck in the life of the streets. Business and the street life cannot coexist because the street life is full of liabilities. Beanie didn’t learn his lesson even after sitting in the penitentiary.

You are a reflection of the company you keep. Once you get to a certain status, you cannot keep people around you who keep dangerous habits. Beanie didn’t adapt. If he looks around, Jay Z moved forward and left several of the bad apples around, including liability-loving Dame Dash.

There’s this expectation that Beanie wanted Jay Z to stick with him through and through. He admits Jay Z doesn’t owe him a dime. He just “wants a conversation with Jay”. He complains that he wasn’t taught the reigns of the business and educated. He noted in an interview that he went years without an accountant. Sigh.

Tough Love

Dear Beanie,

Somehow you learned the business of the streets. Somehow, you learned the art of rap. You were around Jay Z and many other successful figures. Why didn’t you try to learn yourself the art of business?! What you didn’t learn is how to stay out of prison! You didn’t learn the art of keeping your brand. You didn’t learn the art of the industry. You didn’t learn to manage your money. It seems to us that you learned what you wanted to learn.

You claim you wanted help and a push from Jay. Well, you didn’t need a push on the streets. You didn’t need a push to violate your probation. You’re a grown man, Beans. You shouldn’t leave your life in the hands of any man to honor. You should protect your own brand and know your own worth.

While there may be unresolved personal issues that you have with Jay, you shouldn’t focus on the issues. Staying stuck in the past keeps you there. How can you move forward if you don’t move on? Although you don’t explicitly state it, we believe you see Jay Z’s status right now and believe you should be right by his side in the limelight. No, Jay Z hustled for his money. You even acknowledge that. Jay Z wasn’t handed his status. So, you don’t have to be either. You could still make it on your own.

Part of the reason you’re still where you are is because of you. You are keeping you stuck. You’ve been a liability to yourself. To get “on to the next” you have to move on like Jay Z. It may hurt your pride, but you should be studying the actions of Jay Z and 50 Cent. You dote on 50 Cent, but 50 isn’t living the street life either. The two just won’t mix. Business is all about assets and value. If anything, our advice to you is to build your value and assets. Define yourself, and don’t look for others to do so.

Nevertheless, we hope you find closure. You have kids. You’ve been in jail. You’ve lived a crazy life. Now it’s time to look back and learn. It’s time to move forward. Also, don’t ever look for someone else to educate you on business. Learn for yourself. Your kids need it. You also need it. We wish the best for you.


Minority Fortune

*Image courtesy of Vcushho.
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