Floyd Mayweather Burns a Hundred Dollar Bill

by Minority Fortune

Floyd Mayweather must have imagined that burning a hundred dollar bill would earn him a place in Forbes billionaire Hall of Fame. However, he would be devastated to learn that he isn’t the first to destroy fiscal currency, as it seems to be the sport of choice for nobodys with horrible credit and financial literacy (See: Z List Rappers Burn a Hundred Thousand Dollars). Yet, the boxer shelled out a Benjamin Franklin and lit it on fire for the world club to see.

Congrats, Floyd. You’re $100 dollars poorer. You may even have the honor of sitting on a throne with complimentary bars on it, free meals, clothing, and a new, long numeric name. It’s illegal to destroy currency. According to TMZ, you could be facing “six months behind bars and… a $100 fine.” Since you seem intent on destroying your career and legacy, so be it. As you spend your way to the bottom, we only hope that it goes to someone deserving.

We’re sick and tired of this reckless, uncivilized behavior. While millions go hungry in the horn of Africa, you’re burning something that could possibly be used to feed dozens of families in these poorer parts of the world. These actions truly reveal that these individuals like Floyd in reality are poorer than those in the poorest parts of the world, simply because their souls are empty and a slave to money.

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