Cornell West Gets Arrested in Honor of Dr. King’s Memorial

by Minority Fortune

Cornell West spoke in Freedom Plaza in DC on Sunday, October 16. His speech had nothing to do with the President or himself, rather it was heavily centered around the people, the 99%. He discussed issues of solidarity, equality, and justice. He acknowledged the wealth disparity and how we all are affected if one person is affected. He surprised the crowd towards the end of his speech by stating that “in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Memorial, he was going to get arrested”. Staying true to his words, he planned to march to the Supreme Court and get arrested.

We had the privilege of marching in solidarity with the Occupy DC protestors and Cornell West. In the span of that estimated three mile walk, there was no division. It was just a group of people, fighting for social justice. The best thing about the Occupy movement and why no one can pin an agenda on it is that it includes each participant’s voice. It’s all-inclusive, and in a society filled with endless division and bilateral barriers, that’s powerful. Surprisingly, the DC police were cooperative and polite. As Cornell West and an estimated 17 other protestors were arrested, no force was used. One police officer even asked Dr. West if he wanted to be escorted and if he needed any assistance! It was a great day of peaceful non-violence and solidarity. We’d say that Dr. Martin Luther King would have been greatly proud.

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