Chris Tucker’s Allergic to Paying Property Taxes

by Minority Fortune

chantuckerThe grade F model of the moment is none other than actor Chris Tucker, most known for his roles in the Rush Hour movies and Friday. It has been reported by several sources that he owes the state of California $3.5 million in back taxes on his property. Thus, California has issued a tax lien out to cover the losses. No wonder California is broke!

The taxes owed date back from the years 2001-02 and 2004-07. So Chris has been skating by for a minute. Either he’s been slipping, or his accountants have been. Regardless, it’s time to get it together, Chris. You’ve made too much money to Wesley Snipes and Ron Isley yourself.

Lesson of the day:

Pay your property taxes!

*Image courtesy of My Spill.
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