Broke Concepts: Rick Ross And His $600K Shopping Spree

by Minority Fortune

This video really broke our hearts when we saw it over at DJ Smallz website. Stupidity doesn’t even begin to describe Rick Ross’s behavior in this video. If you don’t know who he is, and you probably don’t because he’s no top earner of any Forbes or wealth list, he’s a rapper from Florida with a few hit songs under his belt. He’s recently been engaging in a rap beef battle with 50 Cent. While his album sales have indeed done better than 50 Cent’s, we believe 50 Cent has won this battle based on wealth numbers alone.

Rick Ross grossed $6 million at the time Forbes reported the top earners in hip hop. If Rick Ross has indeed purchased all the cars and jewelry he bragged about in this video, then he doesn’t have much earnings left over. We’re willing to bet his credit cards stay maxed out.

Dear Rick Ross,

We bet you were beaming with pride as you filmed this video. You made sure to pull out all the ignorant stops you possibly could: thousands of dollars in cash in your pocket, black ice jewelry purchases, and a Rolls Royce convertible purchase. Meanwhile, the mother of your child is reduced to taking you to court because you’re not contributing financially to your child.

We’ll say it again. We’re not impressed with your black diamond chain. You may feel like you’re blazing the path of cutting edge, but Soulja Boy has already beat you to the punch. Furthermore, we’ll go step by step into why this chain is worthless:

1. The likelihood of that chain bearing 200+ carats in real natural black diamonds is impossible. Even the jeweler you flew in slipped up and admitted that it was manufactured in China. Those gems were surely synthetically grown and laser dyed.
2. While being proud of the 70+ carat black “diamond” centerpiece of the chain, just remember that it’s nothing more than a synthetic piece. If it wasn’t, it would be listed as one of the world’s most famous diamonds and auctioned off for millions not the thousands you paid for it.
3. For all you know, you could be holding onto a chain made of carbonados which, according to jewelry site Engagement Rings, is worthless. The site reports the following on carbonados:

Carbonados are specific types of black diamonds that hold very little value in the jewelry industry. They may be large, but they are very porous (unlike the crystalline diamond structure used for jewelry). Carbonados are frequently used as abrasives, particularly to cut and shape other diamonds. Carbonados are far more common than gem-quality stones.

4. It even appeared that those gems were encased in bubble wrap and a manila envelope. Since when are high-end jewels placed in those two things?!

That’s just the chain. Then we get into the cars you “bought”. Bragging about purchasing multiple high-end cars is just plain sad. Furthermore, you don’t have the income to back up buying eight high-end cars, so we’re certain that you’ve leased them, which the mother of your child has also stated in the past.

The more that you go out of your way to prove that you’re rich, the further you are from being wealthy. There were three winners that day you went on your $600K shopping spree, but none of them were you. They would be the car salesman, the jeweler, and your banker.

Were we impressed? Not at all. Call us when you make a $600K payment to yourself. Call us when you’ve infused $600K into a business. Call us when you’ve invested $600K into real estate. Until then, 50 Cent has won the war.


Minority Fortune

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