8 Sexy Credit Card Perks

by Minority Fortune

creditcard2 Credit cards can be a source of pain for some, while serving as a savior for others. If you can manage your credit well, it can lead to some attractive perks. While there’s the usual cash back, flight milage, and 0% balance transfer offers, there’s other less known perks. Mint reports on useful advantages that our credit cards can offer.

8 Little-Known Credit Card Perks:

1.    Balance Increase: In these difficult times, credit card companies aren’t willing to give in to this request so easily. However, if you convince them that you’re about to make a large purchase on your card (such as home repairs, furniture, etc.), they will consider it.
2.    Delaying a Payment: If you have a good history with your credit card company, you can request them to return the favor when you’re in hard times. If you need more time to pay your monthly bill, call them up, and describe your situation. If they try to stick you with a late fee, tell them you’ve been their customer for x years and have a good track record with them. Assure them of your diligence, and they’re likely to comply.
3.    Waving a late fee: Again, if you have a great track record, you stand a good chance. Call them up. Explain to them that you understand your mistake in missing the date, but that you’d like to request the late fee removed because of your good track record. However, if you have done this recently, it’s unlikely to work.
4.    Negotiate a lower interest rate: Just call them up and ask if they can lower your interest rate. Tell them you have received an offer from another company with a lower rate. Explain that you’ve been pleased with the services but are considering terminating the relationship for a better rate with another company. They are sure to consider.
5.    Transfer funds into bank account: A common perk is a teaser 0% balance transfer rate for the initial 6-12 months. Some take advantage of this by transferring the credit card balance over to an interest-accruing account to reap interest from the balance. Just make sure to transfer it back before the promotional deadline.
6.    Get store’s credit surcharges waived: Most consumers are unaware that stores are charged a fee and percentage of every credit purchase made. Sometimes stores pass these fees onto the consumer. However, it’s illegal. If you find yourself in this situation, contest the surcharge. If they don’t comply, you can call up the credit card company and report them.
7.    Complimentary discounts & upgrades: You may qualify for complimentary upgrades with hotels, flights, rentals or discount meals. This perk requires doing a little homework on the credit card and its offers. Call them up or browse the web.
8.    Warranty coverage: Some cards automatically offer warranty on new purchases. It may pay to call up your company on the matter.

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