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The Heavy D Fund Controversy

by Minority Fortune

Rap legend Heavy D passed away at the age of 44, and it was one of the most unexpected incidents to have occurred. There has been an outpouring of condolences and support towards the rapper, and it’s understandable. Heavy D appeared to be a standup guy with Grade A character. After his passing, a few websites are reporting that the family, or some sole person within the family, created a “fund” for “Xea Myers, Heavy D’s daughter”. This doesn’t sit with us too well.

Generally, funds are dedicated to causes near and dear to the departed’s heart. Unless dire circumstances led to the family being unable to support themselves, it doesn’t make much sense considering the fact that Heavy D probably amassed many millions throughout his career. The one person that should be taken care of, without a doubt, within the estate should be his daughter. However, we don’t know who in the family created this fund. We imagine that it must be someone close to the daughter. There’s many unknown facts, so we don’t dare to speculate.

Post Death Entitlement

This unfortunate event brings up a very important issue that we felt the need to address: entitlement. Sometimes the most traumatic events occur after a loved one has passed away because the family has to act a fool over the assets. James Brown and Michael Jackson’s families come to mind. Suddenly, people have an inflated sense of importance and think their relationship entitles them to the deceased’s wealth. Even the children of millionaires and billionaires are often mercilessly reminded that they won’t be entitled to anything, as their parents will opt to donate the most of it to charities. Regardless of whether you were Heavy D’s girlfriend or best god-grandmother, etc., unless you have his promises in writing, you don’t have a front leg to stand on. The information regarding Heavy D’s estate has yet to come out, so we aren’t sure who will receive what.

However, the memorial fund in all its vague details is sketchy. Hardly wealthy behavior comes out of hardly wealthy families around funeral planning. It can be a gravely traumatizing event all within itself. Families bicker over the will. Perhaps the deceased had no money at all, so the family has to beg the friends and family to chip in for the burial. Perhaps it’s just that one super crappy family member that always has their hand out. Chances are an estranged family member has jumped the gun asking for funds. We don’t think Heavy D in any shape or form would have condoned the action.

Planning for Death

This is why insurance policies and trust funds should be top priority for men and women. If you have wealth of any kind, it should be mandatory. If you have kids, you must insure yourself for their sake. If you’re a wealthy black man, you have to take extra precautions, as statistics are not in your favor. We hate to say that, but death is the one thing no one has control over. Statistically speaking, minorities have it worse when it comes to life expectancy. That said, you should do everything in your power to kick death in its face! However, you have to face reality and plan as the wealthy elite do. Wealth management and finance aren’t always fun activities, but they separate the wealthy from the hardly wealthy. Seek an attorney and take out life insurance.

A funeral is a time for mourning. It can also be a wake-up call and a time for reflection. Instead of worrying about what everyone else is or is not doing for the funeral, what are we doing in the moment so that our own funerals will be smoother for our loved ones? Maybe there will be extra hardships once a loved one passes away. Maybe a lifestyle will be drastically altered. However, it’s a reality that we must all be prepared for. There’s no sketchy fund in the world that will save you from it. That said, we hope that his daughter will be covered in the estate. RIP, Heavy D. You will be greatly missed!

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