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Diddy Suing Commercial Landlord

by Minority Fortune

Diddy is at war with the landlord of his commercial property which is home to his Sean Jean hip-hop clothing line. He claims that sales have dipped by as much as 50%, and he believes that it is due to the fact that there’s scaffolding obscuring his storefront. We’ve seen this property before, and we must admit that his storefront is hard to spot due to all the construction work. It has been that way for years. While scaffolding may be a necessary evil in the city, it’s annoying for businesses. Thus TMZ reports that Diddy has decided to take his landlord to court:

According to a lawsuit filed in New York, Diddy’s company — Christian Casey LLC — leased a portion of a ground floor building on Fifth Avenue in NYC for its flagship clothing store.

Diddy lawyers claim sometime in 2006 the building owners put up sidewalk scaffolding and just left it there — sending Sean John sales down the toilet — down nearly 50%.

Team Diddy is suing for $2.5 mil in damages … minimum. FYI, that’s roughly 12,500 bottles of Cristal — minimum.

Others may argue that this is Diddy’s karma for the way he continuously leaves his hip hop artists and employees hanging. The man has an extensive record of unsatisfied Bad Boy artists. Either way, it will be interesting to see how this case develops.

*Image courtesy of Business Week.
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