Using Twitter to Find Deals

by Minority Fortune


Twitter for Deals? You bet!

Social media has become more integrated into our lives these days. Twitter, the social media platform that suddenly sprung into popularity earlier this year, has rightfully earned its title of relevancy. And we’re happy to say that it does indeed have the power to alert you to deals and savings both found on-line and those exclusive to Twitter users.

Suggested uses are to follow brands/businesses that are relevant to your interests and to search for whatever you’re looking for in the public timeline search, courtesy of WSJ. For example, love shopping? Find all your favorite companies that utilize Twitter because the social savvy corporations are indeed utilizing these tools to reach out to consumers. (I.e. United Airline offering special airfare deals coined “twares” on Twitter.) Use the search feature by typing in things you’re curious about, such as “recession specials in x city” or “cheap laptops”.

Don’t’ forget. Be creative. There’s a huge amount of specialists on Twitter. You could follow financial analysts and get budgeting/ investing advice from them. The potential is endless when you think about taxes, law advice, yoga, frugality masters, etc.

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*Pics courtesy of DIR Journal.
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