How to Get Your Cell Phone Bills As Low as Possible

by Minority Fortune

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No cell phone carrier is certainly going to insure that you have all the benefits that you are eligible to receive. Sadly, it’s all on the responsibility of the customer. Well, we want our readers to ensure that they are indeed benefitting from secret perks these major phone companies offer. Screw these phone companies, that happily screw you over. Seriously, what are all those crazy additional fees added to the monthly bill? And those evil contracts?!


Discounts are offered in the range of 10-25% off the monthly bill for employers and students. If you have a work or educational e-mail address, give them a try on this ATT page to see if you are eligible for the ATT premier discount. No ID or employer number is required. Check here to instantly determine if you are eligible. If so, go for it! No questions asked.


For those with T-Mobile, you can obtain a 15% University discount. Input your e-mail address here and see if you’re eligible. This method supposedly doesn’t instantly reveal if you qualify. However, if you want to get it done quicker, do a chat session and tell them your educational email address to get a 15% discount.

However, not everyone qualify since their company or school is not in the program. If not, you can still get 10% off with the steps below. It’s all about saving money for your wealth!

Fill out a Migrations form online.

1. Go to
2. Click on “Discounts”
3. Go down to “Life” and click on “T-Mobile”
4. Click on “More information”
5. Create an account and go from there.

You have to be under contract or upgrade your equipment in order to sign up for the discount. If your contract is expired, your contract will be extended for 1 year to get this discount. Most T-Mobile CSRs do not know about this, so don’t call them and ask a rep about this. Just follow the steps above, and you will be assigned a new member number. The 10% discount apply to your entire phone bill and would take 1-2 months to show up on your account.


Input your e-mail to see if you qualify for an up-to-25% discount: here


Sprint customers have reported getting the most perks. Employer/educational discounts can be up to 30%. While the sero plan (unlimited everything for $30 bucks) is no longer offered, it’s fairly easy to accrue discounts after hassling CSR reps in Retention. Check here to see if you qualify for a standard discount:

Squeeze additional perks from Retention:
Call up customer service. Insist on speaking to the Retention Dept. Tell them you’ve discovered “a better offer and thinking of switching” or you “heard of a special” or you “have been a loyal customer” but can’t “afford the current price”, etc. If you’ve been a long-time customer, make sure to add that you “have been a customer for x number of years” and feel that the company has shown you no loyalty.


Have at it! Show no mercy!!

*Image provided courtesy of Jenny Acheson.
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