Fat Wallet Offers Cashback

by Minority Fortune

FatWallet is a powerful value for the frugal. Those who are kicking the recession’s butt are utilizing frugality in every possible way. FatWallet offers a large variety of savings:

•    Hot deals on various products
•    Travel deals
•    Free Stuff
•    Coupons
•    Cash Back
•    Finance forums

Curious on how to earn cash back? My Dollar Plan drops the info:

How to Earn Your FatWallet Cash Back

1. Sign up for a FatWallet account.
2. Shop for products using FatWallet Shopping.
3. Redeem your cash back by PayPal or a check.

Cashback payments are paid out once you’ve reached the $10 minimum, and they’re given out weekly. Go check out Fat Wallet and find various deals for yourself! It’s all there. It’s a great place, and you should go check it out.

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