Coupon Love

by Minority Fortune


Retailmenot on left; Dealcatcher on right

No shame in being thrifty. If we’re going to accumulate our wealth, we need to keep every possible dollar in our pockets that we possibly can.
I’ll never forget randomly hearing the world’s dumbest convo on the street over a sweater:

Stupid: (in a boasting loud manner) You just got your s*** after it was reduced. Well, b**** I got mine at the regular price!

Um, if anyone lost, Miss, it would have to be you. I’m sure JC Penny or whomever the company was thanks you for the extra padding in their pockets, 401Ks, stock options, etc. whilst you eagerly wait for that next check to clear.

There does seem to be a stigma in our communities that the best warrants the items with the highest price tags. We’re an advocate of value, but value goes across the board in terms of prices. Everything in the dollar store isn’t of value, but neither is everything at Whole Foods. Evaluate for yourself what each item you’d like to purchase means to you!

It’s a no-brainer. Pay a company or pay yourself? We’ll regularly promote coupons and popular sites on your favorite items and dining spots.

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