Keep Health and Nutrition Simple and Sexy

by Minority Fortune

eatingappleWe were recently checking out a post on Zen Habits, and we really enjoyed the message they had on keeping your health simple. There are too many fads out there that do nothing but eat a hole in your pocket. When you think about it, if you’re eating better and less, your spending on food should be shrinking. Most people actually balloon their spending buying equipment, supplements, and guides only to find them useless in a matter of months. Therefore, we’re in total agreement with  Brad when he advocates keeping it simple.


Eat less
Exercise more
Sleep more

More Simple Motivation from Zen Habits:

But if you continually try to control the things that are out of your control with the small insignificant part of your life, you end up spending almost all of your time obsessing about health, nutrition and fitness. Recording your meals in a spread sheet, twittering about how ‘healthy’ your breakfast was, spending an extra 5 dollars to have a 90 cent chicken breast added to your salad at lunch and fretting over the timing of your next meal.

Too much of this and you can end up in a very bad place:  Spending every single waking moment of your life thinking, talking and stressing over your health.

And this is NOT healthy.

It’s nothing more than a mind full of insignificant health and fitness clutter.

In essence, by thinking that we can guarantee our future by controlling insignificant day-to-day things we end up sacrificing the enjoyment of our lives for some far off distant goal.

And remember, we can’t control the future, so we end up hopelessly grasping for control with more and more of the insignificant things, the ‘fluff’ and clutter.

And herein lies the big picture that we end up missing: Health is a lifestyle. It is a process. It is not a reward.

You should enjoy the process. It should be easy and sustainable. And in the best of situations, it should be mindless.

- Brad Pilon

*Image courtesy of Lena Clara.
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