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Oprah Winfrey Experiences Racism in Switzerland

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Tweet Oprah Winfrey got the shock of the lifetime when she patronized a luxury goods store in Switzerland, and it wasn’t from the five-digit price tags either. Oprah had requested to see a $38,000 Tom Ford bag when a store clerk explained that the bag was out of her price range. Instead of proving the [...]

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Honoring the Top 30 Charitable Celebs

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Tweet It’s often said that when you give, you will also receive. It seems that the largest celebrity figures take the time to give generously to various causes. It’s no wonder why they continue to experience great fortunes in their wealth journeys. Charitable giving is a wonderful thing. As one accrues more wealth, they should [...]

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Suze Orman’s 10 Tips for a Fresh Financial Start

Tweet We were on Oprah’s site recently because it’s always full of useful information on all aspects of life. Low and behold, we stumbled across ten useful tips for a fresh financial start by Suze Orman, a financial management expert. We looked them over and decided to post them over here written in our own [...]

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Learning to be Present

Tweet Are you present in your body? Life is a series of events that often distract us from the one true thing that matters – ourselves. When’s the last time that you just sat still and listened to your body: its rhythms, its energies? Author Eckhart Tolle’s new book was deeply praised by the powerful [...]

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