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Lauryn Hill’s Three Month Tax Education

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Tweet Lauryn Hill is currently serving a three-month sentence in a federal prison for evading taxes on her 2005-2007 income of $1.8 million. While Lauryn certainly had some colorful excuses to say the least on why she hadn’t been paying her taxes, the judge and the IRS weren’t hearing it. Despite the singer paying up [...]

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Lauryn Hill in Deep Trouble with the IRS and Her Response

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Tweet An unexpected name has recently joined the elite list of celebrities who have failed to pay their taxes to the IRS. That name of distinction belongs to Lauryn Hill. She has been charged with neglecting her IRS tax returns for three years. Getting into the details, Lauryn allegedly neglected to pay taxes on her [...]

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Lil Kim is a Debt Millionaire

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Tweet Unfortunately, the closest Lil Kim’s name will ever get to the word “millionaire” is in relation to her debt with the IRS. Now the female rap artist stands to forever taint her legacy and be remembered as the former rap artist in monumental amounts of debt. We’re not just talking about sudden debt here [...]

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Chronicle Report: The IRS Makes the Vulture Look Like a Hummingbird

Tweet With all the financial corruption and botched accounting books, there must be plenty to keep the IRS legitimately busy. So why are they going around auditing single mothers who live beyond the poverty line? A recent story was reported by AlterNet about a single mother of two with an income of $18,000 being audited [...]

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Feds Sue Robin Givens For $292,000 Owed to IRS

Tweet We’re definitely not envious of Robin Given’s current predicament by any means. Apparently, she owes the IRS $292,000. The debt seems to span all the way back to 1996. Now the Feds have gone to the local federal court in Tampa, FL. According to Forbes : In a lawsuit filed last week, the feds [...]

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