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Inspiring Interview Featuring Ephren Taylor

Tweet It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you hold onto. -Ephren Taylor We saw this video recently on Mixergy, and couldn’t resist the temptation to post it over here and share with everyone. Ephren Taylor made history by becoming the youngest African American to become CEO of a publicly-held company. [...]

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Four Things That Are Good for the Soul

Tweet Beneath the skin and bones of every human being lies a soul. While our soul may not be something physical, we need to spiritually nourish it. There’s nothing more powerful than a well-nourished soul. There’s nothing more scary than a corrupted, neglected soul. Think about it. Would you rather look like this or this [...]

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Rejuvenation Series: 5 Glamorous Pick-Me-Ups

Tweet Being wealthy is a 360-degree project: top to bottom, inside out, social environment to home environment. When it’s mastered, it can lead to an inner peace. It’ll lead you to emit radiance and increase productivity. We can get caught up in our lives from time to time and need a little change to wake [...]

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A Revolution Against Essence Magazine? A Beautiful Tale of Rebellion

Tweet It’s important to stay in tune with the needs of your customers. Otherwise, you may end up with a situation like Essence Magazine. Apparently, the magazine targeted towards African American women has gotten so out of touch with its consumers that they’re canceling their subscriptions at record levels. So what has happened? There’s a [...]

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Tyra Banks Leaving the Talk Show Scene

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Tweet Tyra Banks is on to the next. People has reported that Tyra is planning to end her show once this season ends in Spring of 2010.  The show is currently running its fifth season, which makes it a fairly moderate duration. Why is she leaving the scene so early? Tyra may be leaving for [...]

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Inspirational Video: Choices

Tweet Choose to make a difference. Most people just choose to stay alive. – Anonymous That’s a powerful opening quote from this inspirational video. It discusses the power of our choices and their impact. After all, we make choices everyday. This video is a call to own your choices. We love doing these from time [...]

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Key Financial Lessons for Couples and Individuals

Tweet Financial management is a lifestyle, and it’s not something you can check out every once in awhile or worse ignore. We came across an excellent personal finance video over at Black Enterprise that tackles how couples should go about discussing finances. The clip featured the story of young newlywed couple that was facing $600,000 [...]

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Inspiration: Turning Unbelievable into Millions

Tweet Upon watching this video on YouTube, we were in complete awe. It proves once again that no dream is impossible. Willard Wigan is illiterate yet found his passion in art. His visions are painstakingly crafted into brilliant art. Despite others ridiculing him, he continued to pursue his passion. His technique is one of a [...]

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