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Using Stillness and Centering for Success

Tweet You may come across unpleasant encounters along your wealth journey. Instead of looking at these trials as an unfortunate situation, embrace the opportunity for education and mastery. “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is correct. Recall the list of black elite and Forbes Cash Kings list. These people all experienced and overcame [...]

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Greed: Wealth’s Worst Enemy

Tweet We’d be lying if we said that greed isn’t a part of human nature. It’s one of those traits that you have to constantly work on for the rest of your life. It comes and goes, but it loves to stick around when there’s a potential for wealth and power. Keeping greed in check [...]

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Encouraging Black Wealth

Tweet Towards the end of July, Black Enterprise began a series called “Establishing a Legacy of Wealth”. It tackled a lot of prominent issues. The truth is that people are migrating to this country from other countries and racking in the dough. They’re sending their kids to Ivy League schools and helping their children start [...]

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10 Control Principles to Wealth

Tweet Control Will Yield You Wealth To be wealthy, you need to be in control of your life and actions. Here’s a few tips Kiyosaki recommends: •    Control over yourself. •    Control over income/expense and asset/liability ratios •    Control over the management of your investments •    Control over your taxes •    Control over when you [...]

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8 Financial Secrets to Happiness

Tweet In order to obtain financial success, you have to be in control. The wealthy understand this principle, and it’s the reason why their wealth usually grows. If you can master these 8 tips supplied by Free Money Finance, you are showcasing financial mastery. 1. Learn to want less. 2. Get organized. 3. Set goals. [...]

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