Spotlight on Chris Gardner

by Minority Fortune

That would be a clip from the “Pursuit of Happyness”, detailing one of the numerous inspiring moments within the film. Most are aware of the fact that the film was based on a true story, but many still are unaware of Chris’s current accomplishments and successes, which are further inspiring.

Chris Gardner’s story is nothing short of miraculous. He battled debt, homelessness, and single parenthood while trying to establish himself financially.

In a nutshell, here’s his story:chrisgardner

• Had a career as a medical equipment salesperson
• Inspired after discovering a man with a red Ferrari named Bob Bridges and inquiring what he did
• Decided to pursue the career path similar to Bob Bridges and become a stock broker
• After several broker manager meetings, got into a training program with E.F. Hutton but had the unfortunate luck of his hiring manager being fired; and Gardner suddenly was jailed for unpaid parking tickets.
• He gained entry into another training program by Dean Witter Reynolds, paying only $1,000 a month
• Became the top trainee within the program, making the most calls and passing the exam.
• Wife decided to give Gardner full custody of their son and left
• Battled with homelessness and moving around for a year
And from there, his success was written.
• In 1987, he started an institutional brokerage firm specializing in the execution of debt, equity and derivative products transactions for some of the nation’s largest institutions, public pension plans and unions in his apartment.
• In 2006, he became founder and CEO of Christopher Gardner International Holdings.
• Established a partnership and investment venture with South Africa that will create hundreds of jobs and introduce millions in foreign currency into the nation.
• Established author
• Philanthropist

This alone is solid evidence that perseverance and goals can take you through any trials and tribulations. There are no excuses. Despite Gardner’s setbacks, which were very daunting, he managed to pursue his happiness. Have you pursued yours?

*Info courtesy of Wikipedia.
*Image courtesy of Peace Over Violence.
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