3 Suggested Sites to Watch Stocks

by Minority Fortune

Looking for a place to watch real-time stock information? We’ve got some suggestions!

1.    Google Finance : Offers various trading info, including the basic market, stocks, world markets, currencies, and trends. It’s a one-stop shop for a lot of information.stockwatching
2.    Reuters : Tracks the market, gaining stocks, losing stocks, foreign markets, hot stocks, etc. You can also get recommendations, ratios, and detailed stock info.
3.    Bloomberg : Main page showcases a lot of information for advanced investors. Has extensive information on stocks, foreign markets, equity indexes, futures, commodity futures, etc.

We wanted to pass along a few tools to get you initiated into the world of stock information. Learn the ropes, as you go along your wealth journey.

*Image courtesy of Keith Brofsky.
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