How to Obtain the Best Deals on Hotels

by Minority Fortune


Getting the Best Deal on Hotels?

Usually hotels are a given when traveling, but are you ensuring that you’re getting the best possible deal on your hotels when buying? My Money Blog covers some very nice tips regarding this matter. We thought that we’d share some of them with you, along with our own!

1.    Utilize travel search engines: Kayak,, Expedia, Orbitz, STA & (if you’re a student). Check these sites out to kayakcompare the best hotel rates for the area you’re looking into staying.
2.   Go directly to the hotel website and input your information to seek out better prices. Sometimes, you can find unadvertised competitive prices directly on the company website. Others have reported calling the hotel support line to further negotiate additional perks such as money savings, free meals, and services.
3.    Bid for lower prices via and paired with and/or Betterbidding aids you in the bidding process for priceline and hotwire, helping you get the lowest possible rate for the hotel. Beware, the name of the hotels is usually withheld until after payment because once again, the hotels want to conceal their lower-than-advertised prices. Just remember to be specific about star quality and location when searching.
4.    Research hotels’ reputations via Tripadvisor has in-depth information regarding experiences at the hotel. Want to see if a hotel has good services and clean rooms? Want to ensure that the hotel is in a good area? This place will inform you through its various user reviews.

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