Wealth Needs Action

by Minority Fortune

wealthresortWherever your money may be at the moment, it needs your actions to help it multiply. Have you thought about the well-being of your money? Where will the $20 bill in your hand go? Will it leave your hands and fall into someone else’s? These are critical questions to be asking yourself because as long as you continue to ignore the path of your money, you will not go far in your wealth journey.

It’s important to make a plan for yourself. What’s your goal investment-wise for the end of the year? Divide it up by the remaining months. Then have that money automatically drafted into a sub-savings account. Saving for a real estate purchase? Have that money automatically drafted monthly into its own category. Work with your bank to discover how to get this accomplished.

Financial discipline isn’t rewarded much in this consumer-spending society, but it will pay off. If you have a bad habit of impulsive purchases, allocate a small monthly budget. If you break your budget, you must deduct the expenses elsewhere. This will get you into a powerful habit of wealth building.


•    Set a goal
•    Plan the goal
•    Follow the goal

*Image courtesy of Shalom Ormsby.
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