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Nas Helps Raise Over $50,000 for an Unemployed Father of 8

by Minority Fortune

For a refreshing change of pace, we have Grade A behavior to report on! Rapper Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, decided to use his influence for good to help out a man in need. Stanley Young is an unemployed construction worker with 8 children. The mother of his children passed away a year ago, leaving him a single father. After a fire destroyed their home two weeks ago, Stanley has been staying at a hotel. However, WJLA reports that his deadline for finding permanent housing was August 13 as he will be forced to leave. The desperate father has been working with various agencies, family, and the church in order to avoid homelessness. When Nas heard of the story, he decided to do something about it.

Nas started a campaign on Crowdtilt, which is a crowdfunding site. Nas pledged $5,000, with a promise of putting in an additional $5,000 if the donations reached $20,000. The total at the time of writing this piece reports that the donations are almost at $60,000! We applaud Nas’ actions because they not only brought awareness and resources to aid Stanley Young and his family of 8, but they promote performing random acts of kindness.

Why Didn’t He Just Pay It Himself?

Many may ponder why a multi-millionaire celebrity didn’t simply fork over the cash directly and boast of his charitable actions on social media. While Nas hasn’t explained his reasoning, we think there are a couple of reasons.

1)   Sustainability: If we were to give to every cause and plight that we come across in our lives, we would at some point deplete our money and resources. There have probably been many cases in Nas’ career where he has given generously from his own pockets. Either way, tapping into his celebrity and resources while pledging a small financial contribution allows for the rapper to support many more causes.

2)   Awareness: There’s power in numbers. Nas could only give so much money. However, by informing the masses, he was able to far surpass his initial goal of raising $20,000 for Stanley Young. Through the crowdfunding idea, Nas gave his fans an opportunity to participate in a rewarding, charitable experience. Now the donations continue to pour in as the deadline approaches, making the possibilities endless. What was initially just a local news story has become a national one since Nas publicly declared his support.

3)   Collective Power: Now Stanley Young can allocate his gratitude to more than just Nas. While Nas certainly fostered the charitable movement, he will only have contributed a small fraction of the overall funds. At the moment, the amount is around $60,000, but it looks as if it might surpass $100,000 before the deadline. Stanley and his family can acknowledge that thousands chipped in to help his situation, and it teaches everyone how their small contributions can make an impact in large groups. This way we don’t get caught up labeling other people with a messiah complex and expect them to swoop in and fix all the problems in the world.


We certainly wish the best for Stanley Young and his family. Best of luck to them, and kudos to Nas for spreading the awareness about this story. This is a Grade A Concept, and we hope some of these hardly wealthy celebrities with lost souls learn a thing or two.

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