What on Earth is Wrong with Katt Williams?

by Minority Fortune

Katt Williams was a promising urban comedian who had captured worldwide attention after his appearances on Friday After Next and Nick Cannon’s Wildin’ Out show. And indeed he was making his own way in Hollywood. His last performance tour grossed over $50 million. It seemed as if he would soon be gracing the Forbe’s hip-hop list at any given moment. That was until…


In November of 2009, Katt Williams was arrested for allegedly breaking and entering into a home. Later it was discovered that he had permission to stay in the home, but questions soon arose over the comedian’s mental health. Not soon after, another arrest followed concerning an alleged battery over a debt owed. Williams issued a video and defended his sanity and financial solvency, stating that he still had a $1 million dollar check he hadn’t cashed and had held for a year. Another story shortly followed that he wasn’t allowed to stay at the Four Seasons in Atlanta, despite the fact that he had enough cash to cover his stay. Something just wasn’t adding up.

Apparently that $1 million dollar check isn’t cutting it. What seemed like frantic, psychotic behavior is now mirroring the same predicament as Nicholas Cage. Black Voices reports that his Rolls Royce has been repossessed. It seems to only be the beginning of money problems for the comedian. His Californian mansion that was noted as a “small city” by Kathy Griffin is going into foreclosure. It’s also noted that Katt has a small fleet of exotic vehicles that also may suffer an uneventful fate. Worst of all, he seems to be tarnishing his reputation in Hollywood by violating his contractual obligations whilst holding on to the advance money.

Dear Katt Williams,

It’s unfortunate that you’re dealing with a series of circumstances and issues, but consider this your wake-up call. It should have come at an earlier time, but there’s no time like the present. Before you can fix the series of problems going on around you, you have to start at the core.

While your comedian tour last year did gross $50 million dollars, that doesn’t indicate the cut that you received from the revenue. From your spending habits, it seems that you desperately tried to convey your accomplishments through lavish purchases. Now you’ve come out looking worse than you would have by living much more modestly.

It seems that beneath your tough exterior and extraordinary talent lies a lot of insecurity. There’s simply no way to justify buying a “small city” or a Rolls Royce on a modest salary. Your rise to fame has been recent, so it’s safe to say that you’re not earning mega millions. Yet, you crave extravagant things. Sounds like you were working hard to prove something to yourself and other people. You were in over your head here, buddy.

Work hard to keep your reputation in tact. Look at Lindsey Lohan who has pretty much damaged her career by a ruined industry reputation. If you bite the hand that feeds you, you’ll go hungry and broke.

Let everything go. Sell off all your unnecessary luxury toys. Cut out all pricey trips and needless spending. If you don’t already have an accountant and financial advisor, get one ASAP. You have connections in the industry. Go to those who are managing their brand/money well and ask for the name of their financial advisors.

We really do hope that you get back on your feet. There are rumors that you’re also battling a drug addiction. We won’t judge you, except to say that you should get yourself in an environment where you can heal yourself. The industry is a cold place with its eyes affixed on dollar signs. It’s not a place for a broken human being. Take a break and get yourself together.


Minority Fortune

*Image courtesy of The Shaka Show
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