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Usher Raymonds Ex-Wife in Fear of Being Left Homeless

by Minority Fortune

Tameka Foster is finding herself in quite a vulnerable position these days. In the midst of an ugly child custody battle, Usher and Tameka seem to be at a standstill. The courtroom seems to be the only hope as various stories of “he said, she said” play out on a regular basis. However, the situation becomes even more dire as Tameka is in fear of being homeless.

A report by TMZ notes that Tameka at any moment could be out of a home in less than 60 days if Usher wanted to do so. The home in question is located in Georgia and legally belongs to Usher.

Given how ugly the divorce went and the fact that she is the mother of five sons, Tameka should have more of a financial plan aside from sticking it to Usher (Hint: Leaning from Pilar’s situation). The media reports highlight her demands that Usher subsidize her extravagant lifestyle. Surely, it’s about more than money here….Let’s hope so, or humanity is over.

While Tameka is sure to be awarded something, it may or may not be what she was expecting. Usher is now seeking full custody of his two sons, possibly significantly cutting into any awarded settlement if he wins.

It’s not our forte to expound on celebrities and their personal lives, but Tameka’s financial situation certainly is.

Tameka first and foremost is a mother of five children. She was the wife of Usher Raymond for nearly two years.  While it will be left up to the courts to decide what she’s legally entitled to, she has been a primary custodian for her children before, during, and after her recent separation from Usher. She’s been down this road of divorce before with the father of her first three children. Surely she would have learned to

  • Secure assets
  • Have investments
  • Erase the vulnerability that comes with divorce proceedings

Guess not.

Why No One Will Win

Both parties need to mature a bit as this sets a horrible example for their children.

Even at the expense of downsizing her lifestyle, Tameka should have realized that the basics for survival for herself and her children are food, shelter, clothing, and love. In hardly wealthy families, there’s an endless void that money never fills. They worship money for the faux status and fake friends that it brings (Ask Terrell Owens how that pays off). Whatever money she possessed should have went towards investments and improving her own personal brand. Feeling entitled to a large cut of Usher’s wealth because she’s an ex won’t cut it.

Always, always, always have a safety net regardless of how good you have it in the moment with or without someone in your life!

Usher should equally realize that sticking it to his ex-wife will be no win for him either. After all, she is the mother and caretaker of his children. Breakups aren’t always pretty, but some peace must be kept if there’s children involved. Does anyone care anymore about what they’re teaching their children anymore?

If the civil war between them continues, a damaging mindset could be created that the children carry with them for the rest of their lives. They could inherit the mindset that plagues many minority households today. “Relationships are too vulnerable, as I can see how it screwed my mother or father over.” “Women are golddiggers or men don’t take personal responsibility for anything.” “I’ll never commit as I can’t be at risk of losing assets.” Now generations are being built off of this fragmented mentality because people have steered away from the basics of life that matter the most, and they all chase the one thing that’s destroying lives all around them: money.

Financial courses are severely needed in this country but need to be equally paired with psychology courses as money and psychology are tied together. As Tameka and Usher demonstrate, this has just as much to do with their life’s baggage as it does the money.

Money doesn’t fix insecurities, which is why the divorce and break-up rates are so high in the celebrity world. There are families all over planet that in tact, content, and earning less than $10,000 a year. Maximizing your financial gain is always critical but only at the cost of keeping your dignity and sanity.

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