We'd be looking like this too if we owed $6 million in back taxes.

The Nicholas Cage Flu: More Deadly than the H1N1 Virus

by Minority Fortune

Nicholas, you disappoint us. We recently covered your $6 million debt in back taxes. Now your messy estate coupled with your innocent outcries has the media digging up all your purchases. The excessive luxury items popping up in your live soap opera are downright pitiful.

Here’s a snapshot of Cage’s Excessive Purchases courtesy of Business Insider and NY Post:

• Enzo Ferrari
• 30 motorcycles
• Mega-yacht and 3 additional yachts
• 1940 Bel Air Mansion
• the Shah of Iran’s Lamborghini
• 2 additional mansions in Louisiana
• Gulfstream jet
• Shrunken heads (?????!!)
• British castle
• 9 Rolls-Royce cars
• 13 other cars
• 47 works of art
• 12 other houses around the world,
• an island in the Bahamas

Flu Symptoms

If you become subject to the Nicholas Cage Flu, you’ll be faced with excessive spending, blaming your manager for your crappy spending, and swimming in backtaxes. It’s deadly, and you want to avoid catching it at all costs.

6 Symptoms of the Nicholas Cage Flu:

1. Greed Fever: One of something is never enough to wet your appetite. Screw investing in one luxury item! How about a multiple fleet of luxurious items! Bigger is not always better.
2. Denial: Thinking that you have nothing to do with your financial plight is scary. If you’ve handed an individual control over your finances, you are still to blame for your participatory ignorance. It doesn’t relinquish you from the blame should things go South. If your manager had increased your money ten-fold, you’d be blissful and probably spending it as if you had fifteen-fold.
3. Black Hole Spending: You try to justify your purchases under the guise of investments. However, you negate the fact that investments constantly need maintenance which cost $$$$.
4. Not Enough Residual Income: If you’re spending $1 million a year. You should at least be making twice that amount and ideally four times it. If you’re barely earning enough to cover your spending, you have to stop and seek help!
5. Ignoring Taxes: For every real estate purchase, you cannot forget the government’s share in the form of property taxes. They’re not optional! If you can’t afford them, then that means you cannot afford the property.
6. Letting a Business Manager Handle Your Finances: If you called this man your business manager, but you let him handle your finances, then it’s a problem, buddy. Furthermore, no one individual should be in control of your finances. The more money you have, the more you should monitor your funds. Get a second professional accountant to overlook everything including yourself. You’re never exempt from knowing your finances!

The Nicholas Cage Flu is no laughing matter. If you’ve been inflicted with this life threatening disease, please run to a financial lawyer ASAP.

*Image courtesy of Top News India.
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