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Terrence Howard Blames Unemployment on Ex Wife

by Minority Fortune

Terrence Howard claims that his career has taken a nosedive. However, he wants to make it painstakingly clear that it has nothing to do with his situation. The blame lies with his ex-wife. She accuses him of allegedly being abusive towards her. Since that incident, TMZ reports that he hasn’t received any work.

It can be so easy to blame other people for the rough times in our lives. While there can be legitimate reasons, the excuses don’t work as much when you’re a grown adult. Just a year ago, Terrence had a thriving career. If the claims are true that work vanished after the abuse claims, then that’s nothing that can be solely blamed on another party.

We create our own circumstances. If Terrence is truly abusive, and this is not the first time he’s been accused of being an abuser either, then he has some serious issues within himself. There’s no way that those issues don’t project themselves around other people and in his professional career. We’ve heard heresay about him being a pain to work with. Perhaps he’s a miserable person to be around. Maybe people are tired of working with someone who is a pain in the you-know-what. As a black male with little ownership to anything, you have a much smaller margin to operate in and have way fewer bargaining chips.

Personal Flaws Can Leave You Broke

A rare but powerful lesson can be learned here, and that is personal setbacks can leak over into your professional life. For example, an abuser will have certain personality traits such as being impatient, temperamental, domineering, insecure, and blaming others constantly. Some of these traits will present themselves in business settings. So, what’s the issue here?  These demonstrated traits along with many other traits of weakness can cost you your salary, livelihood, and/or reputation.

Besides, the energy that you put out ultimately comes back around to you. It manifests itself in your social circle, your circumstances, and ultimately your bank account. In lamen terms, being an asshole could cost you everything. Furthermore, you’ll miss so many opportunities for personal and career growth as a result because of your negative energy.

No one is perfect, but there is such a thing as manageable flaws and destructive flaws. Destructive flaws must be addressed, or they’ll literally destruct your life. We all have weaknesses. They key is in acknowledging them and constantly working on them.

If Terrence had been smart, he would have walked away the moment things became unbearable in his personal relationships. The healing process would have been easier, and his reputation wouldn’t have suffered. Now, his career may be forever sidetracked. Our advice? Terrence should spend a few weeks or months in a remote resort and strengthen his spiritual and personal growth.

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