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Terrell Owens Begging for a Spot on the LA Clippers

by Minority Fortune

Terrell Owens and the word “broke” have become quite a match over the past couple of years. However, it seems the former NFL superstar wants a new association with his name: basketball player. Really?! The revelation that T.O. can shoot hoops literally comes out of nowhere. While it may be possible, there’s no denying the underlying motivation for his interest in basketball: desperation. While this entire thing screams thoughtless, it seems that Owens did put a tiny bit of strategy behind his requests. He knew not to go knocking on the Miami Heat or LA Laker’s door. So, just where did he end up begging? None other than the majestic LA Clippers. USAToday provides the details:

Former NFL star Terrell Owens was “begging” the Los Angeles Clippers to sign him this summer, according to All-Star Blake Griffin.
“Terrell Owens is always — he was at our practice facility this summer, begging coaches for a 10-day contract,” Griffin said on the Dan Patrick Show.

It seems these days Terrell is getting his reality check. The megastar branding with his name is no longer. However, it’s tragic to see TO fail to secure any long-term career plans. Even if, and it’s a super big “if”, he were to win a spot on the LA Clipper’s team, he’d probably only last a couple of seasons at best given his age. The fact that the former sports player is still looking for a laborious job at this point in the game is unreasonable. T.O. doesn’t seem to possess any critical thinking skills to help him prepare for better alternatives. Getting another sports playing gig is short sighted.

The reality is that T.O. should have done things a lot differently in his life. Since that didn’t happen, he’ll continue to feel the pain from his actions for decades to come. For the up-and-coming mini Terrell Owens of the world or those who actually want to enjoy a secure life, please try to do the following:

4 Things to Do to Avoid Scraping the Bottom of the Pot Terrell-Owens Style:

1. Preserving Your Bridges: Always, always, always be humble. It is said that the average person is only six degrees separated from someone really important. In that case, you should move through life connecting with and respecting all types of people. That way, you’ll have a multitude of resources to call on when you’re in a crunch.
2. Helping the Helpers: This sounds weird, but hardly wealthy people love helping the disadvantaged. That is totally fine to a certain extent, especially in cases where intangible gifts are given to deserving people, like money for education to children, etc. However, the hardly wealthy take this concept to the extreme and have an affinity for helping their perfectly capable “boys” and cousins of their cousins, who are grown adults with the capability to take care of themselves. Instead of spending millions annually on an entourage and entourage maintenance with stupid liabilities like cars, jewelry, alcohol, and such, it could be spent wooing the friendship of mega-millionaires and billionaires: sports franchise owners, oil tycoons, Wall Street influencers, and big industry players. If you aid more people with influence, there’s really no way you’ll lose in life should you hit a rough patch. It’s what we call “rich people insurance”.
3. Education or Mind Insurance: This one is very important, especially if you’re in a fleeting career or labor intensive career. This is something that applies to all people, as industries have literally vanished before our eyes in the recent years. Get an education. It doesn’t necessarily mean an institutional education, but an education that will give you a crutch to stand on when your career vanishes. T.O. should have considered going to school and getting a communications or business degree. At the very least, it would have made him a more well-rounded individual with additional career options.
4. Out of the Box Thinking: It baffles us endlessly that T.O. can’t step outside of his sports arena and think up new possibilities such as a fitness franchise, performance enhancement vitamins, speaking gigs, elite private coaching, sports player concierge, etc. It should be a pre-requisite for every sports player to write down 5 things that they can fall back on should their sports career go south. If they can’t name anything, they should be mandated to attend some training courses first.

As we’ve said over and over again, Terrell’s undoing is his own fault. It’s a “minority misfortune” that we have minority celebrities whose wealth evaporates by the end of their career. The wreckless spending must cease, and the “I work hard, play hard” or “I’ve got plenty money” excuses must end in our community. The honest truth is that the hardly-wealthy cannot spend like the wealthy elite and never will be able to do so. The wealthy elite rarely use their own money to spend on anything, opting for their company expenses to cover everything possible and exploiting tax write-off opportunities to the max. Perhaps T.O. learned his lesson in hindsight, but we highly doubt it. Any day now, he’ll make the news for offering to play for a baseball team in the Dominican Republic. Sigh.

You Answer: Does T.O. have a chance in Hell with the NBA? Does he even have a chance at a career in anything?

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