T.O. Cries over His Bad Credit and Debt

by Minority Fortune

Terrell Owens aka T.O. , a famous football player known for his wide receiver talents, can be seen in this short clip crying like a loser. The man with multiple records and awards attached to his name has the credit profile of the average joe who doesn’t manage their finances well. However, there SHOULD be a difference between T.O. and the average Joe. What gives?

Where were the tears as money was tossed around carelessly for cars, clothes, homes, women, bars, clubs, etc? Where were the tears as you flaunted endlessly for cameras when they were around? Better yet, where are all your “friends” that were conveniently around when the money was flowing at the club or they bummed a ride in your fancy cars? We wish we could be sorry for you, but you had all the correct resources at your fingertips. Instead of hanging around hardly wealthy people, you should have been associating with NFL team owners, learning how to keep your money long for a lifetime. You’re at the prime of your career and having money issues? What in the heck will be going on post career?

We have a new investment for you, T.O., and that is…buy a clue.

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