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Soulja Boy Owes $26,000 in Taxes

by Minority Fortune

Rapper Soulja Boy has recently fallen behind on his taxes to the tune of $26,000. The state of California filed a lien on March 24, 2011, according to Radar Online. It may not come as a surprise to anyone other than Soulja Boy himself. Rather than make sure his finances are in order, he’d rather produce video after video and PR lie after PR lie (see Soulja Boy’s lie about purchasing a G5 Jet for birthday on TMZ. With videos like these and a prior foreclosure on a Georgia home, we predict that Soulja Boy’s woes are in their infant phase.

Why Soulja Boy is truly poor despite having money

Those who are truly doing well financially make little noise about their lifestyle. Steve Jobs, a well known billionaire and mogul, has never been seen parading around in designer jeans, bling, and stacks of cash. His priorities lie in his legacy: building extraordinary products, businesses, and changing the world. For people like Steve Jobs, his wealth is an after-thought. It’s not his focus. This is typically the pattern of self-made wealthy elite.

This is exactly where these urban artists and hardly-wealthy go terribly wrong. Some of them possess extraordinary talent. Some of them possess no talent at all. However, their priorities are mixed up big time. Focus on building a legacy with everything you’ve got, and you’ll find that wealth will come.

Remember, your tombstone will not have your net worth or your assets imprinted on it. What legacy do you want to leave on this earth?

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