Some Celebrities are Hurting Right Now

by Minority Fortune

Toni’s Defaults on her Californian Home


The year 2009 has not been kind. Celebrities are no exception. The recent lamb led to be slaughtered was R&B songstress Toni Braxton. She’s in risk of having her Century City, Californian home foreclosed. She’s defaulted on a loan with Bank of America with $12,503 due. Another $900,000 loan with City National Bank has already been in default. It’s not looking so good.

Toni Braxton has previously faced financial difficulties in the public before. In the nineties, she overcame bankruptcy and battled bad contracts in the industry. We’re aware that the singer currently has personal & family health problems to battle. However, we encourage her to be vigilant with her finances. Otherwise, she’ll have a hit to her credit score, which are valuable assets, especially for obtaining loans. We hope the issue will be rectified!

Soulja Boy Behind on Rent?!

soulja-boyguccioutIn other news, the word from TMZ is that Soulja Boy is behind on rent to the tune of $9,376.10. We can’t believe someone so “filthy rich” is having a hard time keeping up with their lease. His latest single is titled “Swag Flu” implies that he’s so rich. Sounds to us, Soulja Boy, like you have the “debt flu”. Now go “tell ‘em” to pay your rent.

Let’s get it together, guys!

*Images courtesy of Love B Scott & Hip Hop RX.
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