Reason 1 Billion Why We Don’t Need Uneducated Artists Speaking on Education

by Minority Fortune

Proof That Children Have Been Left Behind

How about BET just stick to asking musicians questions about music? Asking a clearly uneducated rapper about education is like pairing wine with molded bread. Just don’t go there.

Artists are for entertainment value, and we get that. However, it should be the objective of all media outlets to edit out the bits of artists’ thoughts that do not make much sense or don’t project growth. Otherwise, we’ll have children thinking that education isn’t much of anything.

Rapper Waka Flocka is still easing his way into mainstream hip-hop. However, the real story will be if he can maintain a life-long career and life-long money. The truth is that everyone will need some education to achieve these things. Media outlets do an injustice to children (who shouldn’t be emulating these individuals anyway, but it’s a reality) in that sense. The only thing one can do is avoid watching these types of shows.

This clip has no purpose. Our only point in showing this clip is to contradict the lame discourse given on education. Education, whether institutionalized or self-learned, is paramount to a better future. It controls whether you’ll be the giving orders or taking orders. Knowledge is power. Unbeknownst to Waka, he’s not even at the wheels of his own career. Avoid this trap and be educated.

One big kudos that we’ll give to Waka is that he helped with a donation of school books to a school in Queens. Big plus.

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