Rapper OGK Acts a Fool with 500 Grand

by Minority Fortune

This video left us absolutely speechless after watching it. Southern rapper OGK gets on camera to not only boast about his $500,000 in earnings, but he begins tossing it around like fertilizer on the ground. Can anyone in the world make sense of this video? We think not! So we’ll just tell you all the reasons that it doesn’t make sense.

The Four Financial Principles Broken in This Video

First: That $500,000 you’re going HAM over is extra money in interest that you won’t be earning because you’re too busy playing childish games, carrying money around in a bag under your armpit. Instead of focusing on the next benchmark, you’re on camera celebrating the $500,000 that will honestly be history before the next full moon. So you’re already limiting your earning potential by leaving money around.

Second: Pick up your taxes that you WILL be paying to the IRS off the floor. You are probably paid as a contractor and will need to pay your fair share of taxes of the money earned to Uncle Sam. Apparently, your “baby mama’s” money is in there too. So, you need to at least pick up half that money and go pay your bills, as the courts and the IRS will be on yours royally should you miss that deadline. People should not be deceived into thinking you’re rolling around in $500,000 worth of play money!

Third: When was it chic to boast about carrying a duffle bag with half a million? Running around with massive amounts of money like that is reckless, and no insurance policy will cover paper money should anything happen to it. If someone runs in your house and takes your money because you’re now a walking target, we won’t be surprised in the least.

Fourth: Since when is finance a social, shared experience? Do you call your friends over when you’re opening up your cell phone bill? Why oh why do you have friends standing around as you flaunt your money? Why are they helping to throw it off the counter, and just why are you taping it as if it is a movie production? This just baffles us every single time. How about you share your credit score while you’re at it? This is the main reason you’ll never grace any Forbes covers, as you’re too caught on the low-tier appearance of looking wealthy. The reality is that you never were, are, and will be wealthy with this line of thinking.

The point is that videos like these only reveal half-truths. Those with hardly wealthy mindsets will look at this and think it is what it appears to be, just like they fall for those in the clubs that pull up in BMWs and buy bottles. We don’t know where this money came from, despite him saying that it came from shows. We don’t know if he actually has a positive net worth. We don’t know if his finances are in order. All that we know that he talks a big game, can toss money around like bird seed, and abuse the English language. However, no worries as the IRS will come to know it all.

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