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Poor Plaxico…Literally

by Minority Fortune

Plaxico Burress, the former Giants football player, is paying for his lack of common sense to the tune of two years in prison for playing around with an illegal handgun in his pants that went off and hit him in the leg. If only he could use his time to additionally pay for the home that is in risk of going into foreclosure. By the time he’s possibly released, which could be as early as June 2011, he may not even have a home.

The home was purchased in 2005 for $4 million dollars. According to the NY Post, the value has now dropped to $2.3 million dollars in value. Records reveal that he’s now $250,000 behind in his mortgage payments.

The sad thing is that Plaxico had once proven himself to be valuable to the Giants. It was in 2008 that he was awarded a $35 million dollar contract for five years after helping the team win the 2007 Super Bowl. However, he moved forward to make himself dispensable after shooting himself in the leg only two months later. Now he’s out of a contract, freedom, and possibly a career. While he hopes to rejoin a team after he gets out, we all know that it won’t be easy for him.

Dear Plaxico,

Hopefully, two years in prison will give you the clarity and common sense that you desperately need to function. As you have come to realize, nothing in life should ever be taken for granted. Furthermore, off-field behavior can affect your career in drastic ways.

When you’re working in the NFL, you are a representative of the brand. Most players forget this, and it becomes a costly mistake. They continue acting out until they act their ways out of their position. You were no exception. While you may have been a talented individual, the NFL is a competitive arena that is far from being short of talented players. For every player in the field, there’s dozens training in college and high schools to take over your spot. You are not indispensable.

While you are facing money issues, it’s difficult to say whether this is due to bad spending or your short income because you ruined your potential within two months of receiving a lucrative contract!!! We’re sure it’s a combination of the two. It’s safe to say that regardless, you and your family will have to make some tough decisions and switch out the cushy pad, assets, and luxuries because your zero income cannot afford it.

Even if you can’t find your way back into the NFL, you’ll be lucky because the NY Post notes that you will be eligible for a $56,400 pension for life. While it will cause you to have a downgraded lifestyle, you will get something. If you’re smart, you can relocate to a place with a lower cost of living. Consider living out of the country in places like Central America, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc. Your money will stretch much farther in places like that. Besides, you need to be as isolated from illegal handguns as possible! Also, consider speaking gigs across the country at colleges and high schools telling aspiring sports players the danger of being as naïve and careless as you were.

Cheer up as there’s always a tomorrow. It could have been so much worse had you accidentally shot someone else or never gotten to see the light of day again.


Minority Fortune

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