One Hit Rapper Rocko Offering $50K Reward for Stolen Laptop

by Minority Fortune

The Plight of Rocko

In a nutshell, this one-hit rapper Rocko had his vehicle broken into, and one of the things taken was his beloved laptop and hard drive, filled with useless valuable music. He appears on the local radio station to offer a $50,000 as a reward for the return of his laptop.

Where to start? There’s so much wrong here:

1. Yielding Bargaining Power: Good job in offering a reward for less than what you claim the laptop is worth. Why settle for $50,000 when you could get paid even more for your labors of theft?
2. Rewarding Theft: A common mentality in urban communities is the “no snitching” rule or refusing to turn to the law when one has been done wrong. Instead of filing a report, you’d rather boast on the radio that you’ll offer a year’s salary to the robbers, encouraging it to happen yet again.
3. Lack of Common Sense: Why did you not back up your precious $130,000 worth of music to multiple sources? You’d better believe producer Timbaland or rapper Jay Z isn’t walking around with their assets sitting unbacked in their personal laptop. Also, this goes to show that you should also have insurance to cover losses such as these. And let’s be honest. In approximately 1.15 years, you’re going to wish you hadn’t been so wreckless with your money.

We hate to say it, but the robbers may have done Rocko and listeners a huge favor. Rocko might indeed have to chalk this up as a $130,000 lesson and keep it moving. Theft should certainly never be rewarded but neither should stupidity. Next time, Rocko, there’s software out there that will automatically back-up your data without…oh, nevermind. The moral of this story is to never leave expensive assets lying around while you’re stuffing your face at Benihana’s.

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