Money to Blow?

by Minority Fortune

It’s income tax season. Hardly wealthy families love this time of year, as they anticipate in advance a ton of things to spend with it. This song capture’s the backwards thought process beautifully:

The video showcases lots of money flowing around and fancy cars. We’ve seen it all before. While some hip-hop artists are making big money, it seems to be all about how quickly they can spend it. Sure, it could just be a mirage. But in the case of Cash Money artists Baby Birdman Williams and Lil Wayne, they aren’t exaggerating when they boast that they have “money to blow” because they literally blow their money away. Whether they should be doing it or not, is another question.

In the latest hit single “Money to Blow”, the chorus notes the following:

Since I got famous but b-tch, I got money to blow
Im gettin it in, letting these bills fall
All over your skin
Got money to blow oh oh oh oh

Blowing Money

•    Both Birdman and Lil Wayne have six figure grills. Lil Wayne’s grill cost $150,000, and Birdman’s grill cost $500,000.
•    At one point owned over 50 cars and 200 rims.

•    Bodies are covered in tattoos, which must add up
•    Overpriced diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry

As of recently, we haven’t heard of too many outrageous purchases from Lil Wayne and his cohorts. Let’s hope that the man has gained wisdom from the many years of being in the industry. OK, scratch that. After thinking about how many children he’s fathered over the past two years, we take back what we said, considering he’ll be forking over child support to three different women for 18 years.

Lesson to Learn:

Spending money is not empowerment. Ownership that accrues wealth over time is powerful. Wealth begets wealth. Spending begets becoming broke. Viewing an exchange of money for goods is the greatest deception of all time. It’s the one thing hardly wealthy families MUST hang onto more, but they don’t. So, the next time you think about blowing your money, don’t.

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