Mike Tyson’s Ohio Mansion Sits in Abandonment

by Minority Fortune

Behind these pictures lies the partial story of a man who once had a net worth of over half a billion dollars. Due to horrendous financial management, he no longer has a fraction of the things he once had. These pictures are a haunting reminder of why it’s crucial to manage your money. If Mike had only looked beyond the present and realized that he had to make his money stretch for a lifetime, maybe things would have turned out differently.Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_1Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_3Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_4Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_5Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_6Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_8Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_10Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_24Abandoned_Mansion_Of_Mike_Tyson_27

We dare to even say that Mike Tyson is better off without wealth. The crazy stories about his behavior have appeared to wither away.

You Answer:

Is Mike Tyson better off broke? What do you think?

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