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Laptop finder sues Producer Ryan Leslie for Million Dollar Reward

by Minority Fortune

Talk about writing a check that your butt can’t cash! Hip hop producer/ singer Ryan Leslie lost his laptop in October of 2010. In a desperate attempt to retrieve his missing laptop, he offered a million dollar reward. At some point, the person who found the laptop returned it to Ryan but never received the reward money. Surprise, surprise.

Apparently, offering big bucks for something that 1) should have been backed up at all times (ever heard of Carbonite?) 2) been generously insured 3) nowhere near the million dollar reward cost 4) cannot realistically be paid out is all the rage (See: Rocko ‘s lost laptop post). So it’s no surprise that this large sum was never accounted for, but the German finder Armin Augstein has sued in hopes of getting what was rightfully promised…plus interest, according to SOHH.

Be careful what you verbally bind yourself in. By publicly noting that you’d dish out a million dollar reward to the person who returned your laptop, you make yourself liable to fulfilling that agreement. A million dollar reward was so ludicrous in the first place that it should have never been put out there. The initial $20,000 was much more appropriate.

These big rewards simply make you a target for possible thefts in the future. By paying out more than any insurance claim ever would, you’re giving thieves an incentive to take you to the cleaners. So, the lesson learned here? Let your publicist and financial advisor do the offering on your behalf next time. Also, please secure and insure all of your precious belongings.

*Image courtesy of Eurweb.
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