Just Got Robbed and Planning to Buy Fancier Jewelry

by Minority Fortune

“I’ll just get some bigger jew’ry.” – Brisco

What’s this about, you ask? A local Miami rapper by the name of Brisco was robbed at gunpoint in a barbershop. He was simply in the shop, getting his haircut, when a group of guys rolled in with guns. The robbers managed to attain $40,000 worth of jewelry and the artist’s Range Rover.

Check the video out:

Yes, your health is still intact, and that is important. However, Brisco has missed the point. If you’re going to walk about with valuable assets on your neck, you need to think about a few things:

Insurance: If you walk around in low-income areas with flashy jewelry and not prepare for the worst, then brace yourself.
Security: You shouldn’t be by yourself at any point once you’re walking around with large assets
No “jew’ry”: Instead of feeding into that same predicament, avoid it. Instead of tempting more robbers with bigger “jew’ry”, move forward.

Ah. We digress.

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