Juicy J Puts Dents In His Own Rolls Royce

by Minority Fortune

(around 2 min and 20 sec in)

In downtown Memphis, Juicy J puts on the finest show of buffoonery that could ever exist. About 2:20 in, the southern rap artist climbs on top of his Rolls Royce like a toddler jumping in a sandbox. Not only content with the jumps, he proceeds to dance on the top of his vehicle. If this isn’t one of the most grandiose ways of showing why Juicy J never deserved any money and privilege, then we aren’t sure what is. Drunk or not, it’s disgusting, hardly-wealthy behavior.

Desecrating your own personal, expensive property for attention is pathetic. It’s a slap in the face to yourself and your hard work. It doesn’t make you look cool or wealthy. While people are starving around the world, dying in wars, not making rent, etc. , Juicy J is dancing on his Rolls Royce for attention.

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is what the world sees when they witness minorities doing stunts like these. While we have plenty of examples that represent us well and do us proud, no one remembers those. This is the impression that people abroad have of minorities in the US. They believe that we all have so much money that we recklessly spend it, as this is all that they see in the videos and songs produced in the hip hop music market. We’ll say it over and over again: this is NOT who we are.

Juicy J, your money will be gone in 5,4,3,2…May it go to someone more deserving!

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