Jermaine Jackson crying

Jermaine Jackson in Financial Trouble

by Minority Fortune

Jermaine Jackson has been dealt a sad set of cards as of lately. Not that we feel sorry for him or anything, but that’s the story he’s giving to his ex according to TMZ . We’ll play along and report the story.

Jermaine Jackson has been ordered to pay $3000 in monthly child support payments to Alejandra Jackson for the two children, Jaafar and Jermajesty, they share together. As if that amount wasn’t already modest enough, Jermaine is contesting the order, stating that his current income has dwindled to less that $1,000 a month. He requests that the judge adjust it to a mere $215. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Jermaine, you spend more than $1000 a month on hair gel and make-up. We do not doubt your financial troubles. You’re probably swimming in debt (and hair gel), but we don’t feel sorry for you. You’re a man of many responsibilities, and you gave all of it no thought when the big bucks were rolling in.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda,

This is what you should have done. It may be too late now.

Cut back on spending or create ideas for increased revenue. Your royalty checks, tours, and old fame is only going to take your income so far before it begins to decline. You should have begun cutting excessive spending and made efforts to expand your income by creating an enterprise. You’ve been around the most influential, wealthy, connected people in the entire world. You had NO excuse.

Make Up a Better Story

You are not living off $1,000. Between travels and your lifestyle, we’re 100% positive that you’re subsidizing your income with debt or other people’s money. We imagine that it’s a little bit of both. Face reality, and do something about it. Why sit around and watch your income dwindle to just $1,000 a month. How are you feeding yourself? Living off your family’s money? Make up a more compelling story next time.

Adapt a Wealthy Mindset

You clearly haven’t figured this out since you’re still broke, but wealth has nothing to do with spending. It’s about accruing wealth and keeping it. You’re a prime example of a hardly-wealthy person who could have a hundred million dollars in their possession and Antoine Walker waste it all because of a poor understanding of wealth.

Jermaine, let’s get it together.

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