Insight into Drake’s No-Snitching On a Robbery

by Minority Fortune

(around the 6:18 mark)


Drake recently participated in the obligatory no-snitching on your robbers experience. The robbery incident took place around May of last year. According to Globe and Mail, two men held him up at gunpoint and managed to take several thousands of dollars in jewelry and an estimated couple of thousands in cash. Because of a third witness, and the robbers foolishly driving the wrong way on a one-way street, they were caught. Due to a lack of cooperation, they weren’t awarded their proper sentence, but they did serve six months in jail. Apparently, Drake wanted to emphasize his lack of participation in the trial of his robbers a year later in the aforementioned video.

The No-Snitching Creed:

It’s an interesting phenomenon with the fact that victims of a robbery would rather align on the side of their predators than reach out to law enforcement. It speaks volumes about the relationship of those living in poverty-stricken/ urban areas and the law. Is the best that we can do when robbed or targeted is to take matters into our own hands? A prime example was rapper Lil’ Kim’s prison sentence for refusal to reveal the culprit of a shooting. We can understand to a certain extent the lack of trust, but we’ve got to find better solutions than this crap stated in this infamous interview by Camron:

Let’s ponder a few things:

1. Lack of consistence: We seem to have an affinity for our communities, which is great. However, we continue to pour our money into systems that have nothing to do with our community. If we want to identify with our communities and gain respect, we need to do much more than living by a no-snitching code. Let’s build up our community systems by supporting our businesses, urban banks, and community centers.
2. Stop the Boasting: Not justifying these thefts, but we’re asking for trouble if we’re constantly flossing our wealth. Rappers and celebrities these days load up their songs, reality shows, interviews, and appearances with tales and displays of excessive wealth. It’s only a matter of time before someone becomes enticed by it all and decides to take some of it for themselves. Have you ever heard of Bill Gates, the man with over $53 billion to his name, getting robbed? No. On top of it all, stop taking yourself in places where the average income is extremely low, carrying expensive items. Better yet, avoid walking around in public with valuables period.
3. The Consequences: By leaving these thieves alone, you’re allowing these crooks to continue to commit crimes against others. While it was just you that was affected today, it may be your mother, nephew, or best friend tomorrow. Is that really helping your community? No one’s asking you to butt your nose into business that has nothing to do with you, but if you have been a victim of crime, you shouldn’t be concerned with the repercussions of seeking justice. After all, it will save you and the community that you supposedly love.

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