How Not to Ruin Your Brand Like Tiger Woods and Pleasure P

by Minority Fortune

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Everyone has a brand, whether they realize it or not. Humans aren’t perfect, and that should never be expected. However, when one is making millions off their personal brand, they’d better stick to the angelic script as close as possible.

We cover this issue because two individuals in their respective fields have recently been feeling the heat from allegations. The two targets are golfing legend Tiger Woods and hip-hop singer Pleasure P. The accusations in question are downright devastating, and if they’re true, they’ll pay for them royally.

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods nightmare began on Thanksgiving night. After an accident caused much speculation and media attention, his skeletons came flying out of the closet faster than a Boeing aircraft. While the media had been fixated on an alleged mistress by the name of Rachel Uchitel, two more stepped forth to the media to reveal their associations with the golfer. Can you say Tacky Tiger? For a man whose brand is worth $1 billion dollars, one would have thought Tiger would be smarter than all of this.

Then we have Pleasure P who is far from an icon but lives off his personal brand nonetheless. These accusations are deadly should pleasurepthey prove to be true: child molestation. He is far from what we consider wealthy, but if these allegations are proven to be true, then he can kiss any chances of being wealthy good-bye. It’s not helping matters that other group members who he used to associate with are supporting these statements and others are coming forth with court documents, according to Necole Bitchie’s site. If true, we’re glad these stories are coming forth and will hopefully get Pleasure P the much needed help he desperately needs. This man can never be wealthy until he becomes a man with values.

These two serve as an excellent example of branding gone wrong. It’s understood that these individuals can look back at their accomplishments and develop a God complex. By believing their own hype, they become their brand’s and their own worst enemies. It goes to show that living immorally will catch up with you, and you’ll pay for it twice if you live in the eye of the media. This is why we here at Minority Fortune find it crucial to discuss wealth in multiple areas because as you can see, you can be wealthy in principle but spiritually and morally poor.

Here’s 3 Things to Learn to Not Ruin Your Brand Tiger-and-Pleasure P Style:

1. Watch Who You Hang Around: People could be out to destroy your reputation, and you might not know it. The more you’re worth or the more ambitious you are, you need to keep your guard up and keep a close circle. A person who seemingly does this very well is Beyonce.
2. Keep Yourself Grounded: No matter what height of success you reach, you need to remain grounded. Life is a work in progress. One should always strive towards goodness. Michael Vick got his reality check. It looks like Tiger and Pleasure P will be getting theirs too.
3. Never Bury Problems: Everything eventually comes to light. If you find yourself traveling down a dark path, it needs to be addressed ASAP. By avoiding the issue or magnifying it, you only dig yourself in a deeper hole. Avoidance is never the solution, and whatever problem you face, someone likely has dealt with it before, so you should get help!

*Images courtesy of Babble and Clutch Mag Online.
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