Grade F Model: Floyd Mayweather

by Minority Fortune


Signs of Hardly Wealthy Behavior

This picture makes the story self-explanatory. TMZ reported that the partying took place at the Encore hotel after the Manny Pacquiao fight last night. Who’s the targeted criminal in this picture? That would be none other than famed boxer Floyd Mayweather. The sheer arrogance to flaunt a ton of bills isn’t impressive, it’s plain stupid.

Dear Floyd,

We’ll keep it short for you. Recall the fate of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Behold your future if you don’t get wiser about your money. Instead of holding on to thousands of dollars at your belt loop, it should be attached to a bank account collecting interest.

Impressing people around you will not sustain your wealth. Everyone’s your BFF (best friend forever) while you’re sitting on fat piles of cash. However, watch them all dump you Michael Vick and Antoine Walker style when you’re on the brink of bankruptcy.

Wise Up,

Minority Fortune

*Image courtesy of TMZ.
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