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Goldman Sachs Employees With a License to Steal and Kill?

by Minority Fortune

The eight wonder of the world must be what goes on in the head of Goldman Sach’s executives. The public is discovering the carcasses in Goldman Sach’s closet, and what they’re finding isn’t pretty. It must be scaring the pants of many employees because Bloomberg and the Business Insider are reporting that several bankers are obtaining gun permits. So, what is that all about?

Guns and investing doesn’t quite mix well together. Since when did a large institutional bank have to equip itself with guns for a peace of mind? What are they so afraid of? It’s this notion that leads us to believe that something troubling is brewing.

suitgunAmericans do have the right to protect themselves due to the 2nd Amendment in the Constitution. However, one has to wonder why executives of a massive bank would need to resort to such measures. American taxpayers were stuck with paying the bill for GS’s massive debt to the tune of $12 billion dollars. Within a year’s time, the money helped to produce record $27 billion in profits for the company and $14 billions in employee bonuses.

Playing Victim

We’re downright offended that Goldman Sachs executives are playing the victim role! They just got away with robbing the nation of billions of dollars that could have went to infrastructure, education, and our deficit. Yet, they expect Americans to be quietly compliant? Oh, cry us a river, Goldman Sachs!

Should you argue that your gun permits are for leisure hunting, it won’t work. There’s nowhere to hunt in NYC, and hand guns aren’t designed for such a purpose. You would do well to pay the American people back that bailout money plus interest and sit quieter than a rock. It’s the least you could do.

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