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Game Blows a Hole in His Pocket on Alcohol

by Minority Fortune

Rapper Game thought it would be an excellent idea to not only blow a hole in his finances but provide the visual proof that this financial atrocity actually occurred on Instagram. The Game bought bottles for himself and some of his boys at Greystone Manner club in Hollywood, creating a bill that totaled $15,593. He captioned the picture, “R.I.P we just killed the club”. No, Game, you just killed your dignity.


The 3 Levels of Wrong


gamereceiptLevel 1: Spending over $15,000 on alcohol is absurd. It doesn’t quite match Fabolous’s $45,000 club tab but is equally stupid. The markup on alcohol in clubs is ridiculously high. If this alcohol was purchased in a regular store , it would only be a couple of thousand dollars or less. Add to the fact that this is only for one night out. That means that this crazy spending behavior repeats itself on a weekly or biweekly basis. As a celebrity, he should push to be comped at clubs and never settle for paying. On what planet does it make sense to pay this amount for alcohol when celebrities get paid hefty appearance fees in clubs?


Level 2: Taking a picture and boasting about it is insecurity. Spending the money incognito is one thing but to broadcast it to the world demonstrates the need for validation and screams low self-esteem. We’re sure Michael Bloomberg regularly spends $15,000 or more on business dinners. Good luck finding receipts posted all over the internet for his large purchases. This is something you just won’t find the wealthy elite doing because it leaves a paper trail for the IRS, spectators, and their clientele. So, later in life if one of your baby mamas asks for more child support, you can’t ever say you don’t have enough money with visual proof to the contrary. Also, your fanbase may be hesitant to give you their hard earned pay because they know it will be going to frivolous purchases like overpriced bottles for you and your friends at the club. And let’s not forget the good ole IRS, the same one that had Lauryn Hill sentenced for avoiding her taxes.


Level 3: No value whatsoever for wealth preservation. It’s $15,000 that you’ll never get back. If you have trust funds for you children and a healthy retirement and investment fund, then by all means throw the rest of your legacy away. However, your legacy will only be as long as your money. John D. Rockefeller will be known forever not only because of his business talents but because of the wealth and prestige he acquired. It would have been so easy for him to squander his wealth along the way, but he bullishly did not. The rest is history. The Game and the rest of these hardly wealthy artists are playing a losing game because they don’t value themselves enough to keep themselves rich. Trading $15,000 for alcohol in a club is not a win. It’s a loss, and a big one at that.


We shudder to think how many people put celebrities like this on a pedestal and even support or emulate this behavior. The sad reality is that these hardly wealthy celebrities only do these things because it does give them false social status. The Game himself is probably thinking of ways to outdo this spending spree the next time, and if not him, it will be someone else.


Any day now, we look for a story about Game behind on taxes in 5, 4, 3, 2… Ah, well, as the MF saying goes: a fool will be a fool.

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