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Fabolous Spends 45,000 on Bottle Service in Club

by Minority Fortune

Fabulous took a big “L” recently.

During the third weekend in February, Fabulous purchased a whopping 120 bottles of Rosé Moët for a friend’s birthday in a club in Atlanta. The estimated price tag was $45,000. Nevermind the fact that the money could be used to start a trust fund for his children, be put in an investment fund for himself, downright purchase a decent car, start a business, etc. And, what kind of friend warrants a $45,000 gift that’s not family?!

What the Hell does this mean exactly? Does this mean you’ll have to further outdo your future presents to this friend? Does this mean you’ll do the same for your other “boys” so that they don’t get jealous? What kind of birthday will you even have planned for yourself and family after this stunt?

These are the worst kinds of purchases that you could ever make. There’s nothing tangible gained from such a massive alcohol purchase. All you’re left with after buying all the champagne bottles is an empty wallet, a massive hangover, and great memories. The reality is that you can give yourself a hangover and great memories for less than $50.

It’s a possibility that the $45,000 price tag was embellished for PR’s sake. After all, he was a reported celebrity host at this particular club. So, we’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt that he didn’t pay full price for these bottles because if he paid $375 per bottle after being the host, then he’s the biggest fool on the planet. Even still, the grandiose bottle service is a colossal waste of money. He has no business to write these expenses off with, and he does not have the earning power to make purchases like this.

We expect to hear of Fabolous’ unpaid IRS taxes or foreclosed home within the upcoming year.

How Being Cool can Lead to Fool

What’s going on psychologically that we feel compelled to impress others to the point of financial destruction? The phenomenon to splurge on “our boys” or “friends” is getting out of hand. Affection and loyalty cannot be bought. If you’re the fool that goes all out for your friends, in their eyes, you will always be the guy or girl that “pays” for their good time. It must stop. There is nothing worse than spending your way to zero on your bank account balance for the sake of acknowledgement from friends.

Respect is free. Friendship is free. Sad to see that many people don’t have that memo. Don’t be one of them!

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